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35-50mm Twine Sherwood Wood Blinds

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35-50mm Twine Sherwood Wood Blinds


 Arena Expressions and Sherwood Ladder Cord and Tape specification Table




Factory Options for the Sherwood and Expressions Blinds Explained




The Expressions Tape option is for the 50mm Wide slats only and the Tapes are 25mm Wide only.


The Expressions 38mm and 63mm Faux Wood Blinds are standard string only with no Tape option available.


The Sherwood Tape option is for both the 35mm and 50mm Slat Widths and the Tapes are 25mm wide only.



Control Cords


Expressions Faux Wood Blinds are supplied with R/H Raise and L/H Tilt control cords only.


Sherwood Wood Blinds can have Control Cords options as listed on the slat page options menu.


Fixing Brackets 


Hold Down Brackets - Hold Bottom the bottom bar down to stop Blind moving.


Extension Face Fix Brackets - Are Fixed to the window frame and used to postion the Blind headrail in front of any Handles.  Often used on UPVC Windows so the back of the Blind has clearence to the window opening Handles.


Top fix Brackets  - Are fitted into the Lintel above the Blind Headrail


End or Side FixBrackets  - Are fitted to the ends of the Headrail with fixing into the Side/back/top as required.





Std matching Pelmets are supplied at Blind/opening width,

L/H + R/H Mitred Pelmets are normally used to cover the end of the headrail if visable,

Uncut oversized Pelmets can be supplied to cut on site after fitting, often used for Bay or half tiled Kitchen and Bathroom Windows,


Pelmet options can be selected from the individual slat page when placing your order.



Cord Pulls 


Standard Wooden Cord Pulls are supplied colour matched to the Blind Slat .

Optional Metal Cord Pulls are availble with a Barrel or Bell Shape with a choice of metal finishes.

Cord Pull options can be selected when placing your order.


35-50mm Twine Sherwood Wood Blinds For Sale 

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